Transmission Services

Boston Bureau Productions offers the highest standard of transmission. Transmit your video to anywhere in the world using IP streaming or fiber. These two transmission options offer low latency and broadcast quality video and audio. IP streaming enables broadcasters, companies and media outlets distribute content securely over the internet. Fiber is an uncompressed HD transmission that is considered to be the “gold standard” of quality and reliability.

IP Streaming

Boston Bureau Productions partners with Zixi, a leader in IP streaming. Broadcast networks and global companies use Zixi's proprietary error correction software as an added layer of performance to guarantee their content will arive securely, with no disruption and with virtually no latency. 

Zixi allows content distribution from one or more locations to multiple destinations. Keep in mind this is all happening in real time. As long as you have internet access you will be able to view the video content. IP streaming is a quality transmission that puts the economics back in your favor. Zixi has made IP streaming for content distribution incredibly easy and unlike anything we have seen before.


Fiber-optic transmission is the "gold standard" of the broadcast industry. Every major television event relies on this form of transmission. All of the major networks around the world can be reached via fiber. Boston Bureau Productions offers our clients a choice in direct connections; The Switch and VYVX. 

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