ProStudio is a fully-equipped production studio brought to your event. We manage the entire process, from start to finish.  With ProStudio, Attendees can quickly create video content or be on live television without leaving your event. Our team will conduct PR outreach to book media interviews. We will also coordinate technical requirements with media organizations and facilities management. 
Before the event, our staff will construct a fully equipped video production studio on location. From that point on, attendees can be interviewed live by global media companies. They can create webcasts and distribute them to employees, clients and customers. And they can quickly create content to be distributed later. We can even edit your content and add graphics on-site. 
Our staff will prepare guest for the camera in seconds and will manage changes to bookings as your event - and the news cycle - unfolds. With ProStudio, attendees have limitless media reach without missing a moment of your event - all while promoting your brand. 
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